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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Nursery Rhymes............... !!!!

I came across this piece of paper with some poetry (!) I had written along with a friend in an extremely boring lecture on Integrated Circuits and Applications. There are actually two of them, but I'll post just one for the time being (and you will thank me for that!)

Red roses for rabbits
Rabbits with good habits
With hair like an ear
Given by a cute mouse, so dear

The red so magnificently bright
Brighter than the sunlight
The rabbit and the rose looked a pretty sight
The grand red and the gleaming white

There came a cat, with whiskers so large
Seeing the mouse, on her lips came a merry song
"I'll eat you", she cried out in delight
This gave the cute mouse a BIG fright

But there was the rabbit and his roses to be reckoned
The light of which frightened off the cat in a nano second
And the cute mouse gave the rabbit a big hug
And they got bitten by the "best friends" bug



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