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Monday, October 23, 2006

A Conversation with Charlie!

Charlie : be nice. say hi plz
Kathak : hi
Charlie : good
Charlie : thanks
Charlie : u wont even tell me a hi unless I ask for it?
Kathak : I was typing a blog post
Kathak : didn't noticed you signed in
Charlie : u no longer love me
Kathak : I do I do I do
Charlie : really?
Kathak : give me 10 mins
Kathak : please baby
Charlie : ok granted
Charlie : but only 20 min
Charlie : *yawns* at the new post
Charlie : what happened to u?
Kathak : why don't you like it?
Kathak : I fainted reading my own blog post
Charlie : u are not the same old story teller anymore
Kathak : the quality of the composition was so disgusting that I was shocked
Charlie : lol
Charlie : yeah
Kathak : absolutely traumatized
Kathak : the same old story teller
Charlie : no no
Kathak : of course I'm getting older everyday
Charlie : not the same one
Charlie : doesnt have the humour
Kathak : you mean my other personality has finally awakened and taken over?
Charlie : but ur metabolism is at a faster rate
Charlie : u became old in a yr?
Kathak : I guess it's one of the other nine rasas
Kathak : like the nine rasas of dance
Kathak : metabolism?
Charlie: I just know fruit rasa
Kathak : no no
Charlie : ya. when ur metabolism rate increases u age faster
Kathak : it's the nine variations of shringara or love
Kathak : I get it
Kathak : it's because of my faster metabolic rate that my brains have aged faster and now they are demented
Kathak : am I smart or am I smart?
Charlie : u r not
Kathak : thanks
Kathak : you are so sweet to think my brains are not demented
Kathak : :*
Charlie : u were expecting that only right?
Charlie : no no honey
Charlie : I said not for the "smart?"
Kathak : oh for the smart
Kathak : you mean I'm not smart
Kathak : I'm super smart
Charlie: but I love u whoever u r >:D< :*
Kathak : I'm brilliant
Kathak : I'm a genius and all
Kathak : thanks!!
Kathak : I love you all the more
Charlie : err.. whatever u r in fact
Kathak : whoever?
Kathak : whatever!!
Kathak : I understand
Kathak : whatever
Charlie : but yday I spoke to Agent R's dad and fixed up our wedding
Kathak : so you mean you're getting married to her?
Charlie : ya ya
Charlie : u didnt know that?
Kathak : OMG
Kathak : I'm so happy for your children
Kathak : I didn't know that
Charlie : how come dear?
Kathak : I don't know
Charlie : I thought u and Agent R share everything
Kathak : maybe it's because of the personality change
Kathak : or maybe because I'm old
Charlie : sometimes nail polishes too
Kathak : and you still think my brins are demented
Kathak : no
Charlie : no honey
Kathak : I don't use make up
Charlie : its not demented
Kathak : besides,
Charlie : I know
Charlie : I know that u dont use make up kit
Charlie : u use Agent R
Kathak : I cut my nails so short, that I can only apply nail polish on my cuticles
Charlie : guests here
Charlie : talk to u later
Kathak : sure
Kathak : talk to the guests about how wonderful I am
Kathak : and then we'll discuss my brilliance later
Kathak : please archive this conversation
Kathak : incase there is another personality switch
Kathak : so that the new personality is able to pick up the thread of the conversation


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