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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Life, it begins at forty!

As a kid, I always wondered what's with the "Life begins at 40"

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against those who are on the other side of 40. I knew some really nice guys, all on the other side of 40, or almost there. But somehow, there always was this, maybe these guys are exceptions factor! What could you do at 40+...

Climb Trees?
Run around town?
Eat multiple bricks of icecream?
Eat multiple bars of chocolate?
Roll in the mud?
Fall in love?
Get excited with nothing?

No sire, you couldn't. That's what I thought! And well... I assumed you didn't have a great sex life either, or any sex life for that matter! You're bored with him, he's bored with you and the younger guys/girls are kids, so they don't interest you! Life begins at 40? Impossible! If you ask me - then!

But I was a kid, and kids do not have enough data at hand to come to proper conclusions!

I have, however, in the past few semesters of deep contemplation and a lot of thinking figured what that statement really means. I have realised, that the guy who came up with it was a master of double speak! It was quite an effort, and backed with a lot of empirical data I have come to the conclusion, that life does begin at 40!


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