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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tagged Again!

The second Tag, if you ignore the coffee tag I was trying to pass around.
And since I am awake since 4 a.m. with nothing particular to do other than trying to reduce my unread mails from a number my calculator refuses to convert to binary to a number I could count on my fingers. But I said, "trying", and it's not a very successful attempt.

That besides, here goes -

Seven things you plan to do before you die:

I had many times compiled those lists 100-things-I'd-like-to-do-before-I-die types, and every time I see something new I want to do that also. However, in no particular order and definitely not in priority -

1. Bungee Jump, White water raft, sail around the world.
2. Design my own house - the complete architecture, interiors, the works.
3. Get myself my own private beach in some exotic island.
4. Get a private pilot lisence and my own little aircraft.
5. Drive a F1 car and race in a couple of off-road rallies.
6. Write(?) a photo-book (Sorry people, can't comeup with a better statement.)
7. Run a marathon.

Seven things you can do:

1. Jog for 30-mins/5.5 km. (I know Anil Ambani does more, but this is about *I can*)
2. Read Atlas Shrugged in 5 hours.
3. Ride my scooty at 70 kph when i'ts supposed to do a max of 60kph. (And screw my engine in the process, but that's secondary)
4. Bullshit my way through 4 years of engineering. (Genuinely not knowing anything)
5. Talk incessantly.
6. Laugh without there being any reason to laugh. (People also call it abnormal behaviour, please ignore them)
7. Wake up at weird hours and have nothing to do.

Seven things you can't do:

1. Resist Bakers Basket Chocolate Cake. (Or anything classified under *temptation*, but then that's the whole point, temptation is not to be resisted... well, whatever)
2. Study. (I haven't done that in my entire life. Will do it one day though... err... should this have been in one of the categories above??? )
3. Sing. (!)
4. Understand the whole idea behind heavy metal. And understand why is heavy metal classified as music.
5. Buy roses of a colour other than red (!!!)
6. Sit in one place for over a few minutes without standing up/walking/fidgeting/etc.
7. Bear people who as per my self-inflated bloody dumb arse ideas of superiority aren't up to my mark.

Seven things you say the most:

1. I swear a lot so a lot of assorted swear words.
2. She/He is so hilarious. (I find a lot of people funny and hilarious)
3. I think the road's going to screw my shock absorbers and the suspension. (I'm too bloody over-protective of my car)
4. Excuse Me?
5. Yeah, whatever.
6. Please, pretty please.
7. Ankita if you *insert something my sister does* again, I'll pack you in a bag and dump you down the balcony!

Seven things that attract you about the opposite sex:

1. Smile.
2. A sense of humour.
3. Self Respect.
4. Intelligence.
5. Big hands. (I have never figured this out myself)
6. Full sleeved Shirts (Ummm... never mind)
7. Powerful Cars (Whatever... yeah... wong category? Well... umm... Hmmm... Drop it)
Thank goodness 7 are done, because that's about all I'm disclosing on a public forum!

Seven Celebrity Crushes:

Seven... okay, so seven off my head. Don't sue me if I change the list tomorrow!

1. Shah Rukh Khan.
2. Abhishek Bacchan.
3. Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing. (Yes, the characters and not really the people)
4. Bon Jovi.
5. Benjamin Bratt.
6. Valentino Rossi.
7. I even thought Ralph Schumacher was pretty *cute* when I used to be 17, and then there was Eddie Irvine... how I miss that character!

Seven People I'd like to tag:

Mathi boy's been tagging some of the the people I'd like to tag, but I'll still re-tag them :D

1. Danny
2. Akshay
3. Charlie
4. Pearl
5. Maximum Dilemma

And any one who'd like to pick this up!


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