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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Laugh On!

Why People Laugh [Via Mind Hacks]

What makes me laugh? Uh oh... wrong person. Anything, and in fact nothing at all can make me laugh. Me, however, is an abberation on the face of this earth, so lets move on.

Why do people laugh at all? What is the point of it? Laughter is very contagious and this suggests that it may have become a part of human behaviour because it promotes social bonding. When a group of people laughs, the message seems to be “relax, you are among friends”.

Err... yes sure. But what when you burst into a fit of laughter during a DSP internal viva after coming up with an highly absurd answer totaly unbecoming of a student of DSP with the Vice Principal of the college conducting it? You're definitely not among friends in there. But, I guess we have to remember the abberation.

Indeed, another theory of why people laugh—the superiority theory—says that people laugh to assert that they are on a level equal to or higher than those around them. Research has shown that bosses tend to crack more jokes than do their employees. Women laugh much more in the presence of men, and men generally tell more jokes in the presence of women. Men have even been shown to laugh much more quietly around women, while laughing louder when in a group of men.

Err... I have my smart comments to this one also, however, let it pass... remember the abberation!!


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