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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Random Trivia

Today I claimed that the technical interviewer guy who interviewed me for Wipro weighed 20 kgs. Then I discovered a friend's kid brother (like 7 year old brother) weighs 20 kgs. So I claimed that the fellow weighed 40 kgs. Then I discovered my cousin all of 21 years weighs 48 kgs. So I claimed the fellow weighed 50 kgs.

Moral of the story: 20, 40, 50.... it's all the same weight!!!!

I'm scheduled to join Wipro on September 23rd, 2005. Another two months and the holiday comes to an end! Ironically, the date you start working and earning, your planning for retirement also starts. %&#*@$#@$@ I say! There goes that jazzy cell phone with no value for money that I was planning to buy out of my first salary!

There's lots of good food at home. Like lots of Nani ke ghar ki lauki ki barfi and besan and aate ke laddoo. And dabba's full of homemade chiwda and assorted snacks. And I've been stuffing my self to the extent that if I see another morsel of food, I'll fall sick. Well, stuffing yourself to that extent itself is sick. Yeah, Whatever!

Just when I left my cell phone at home so that I can get wet in the rain properly, the rain god's decided that it was enough rain for the day. Talk about bad timing.

I have to teach C++ tomorrow morning 9 a.m. Interestingly the last I looked at C++ code was March 2003. And I can't much recall what C++ is all about!! Why do people bother with it when there's something as nice as C? Silly people, I say! Lets do pointers and data structures in C... why C++??

I need to study. Sigh... talk about "education is a never ending process"!?!!!!!! Irony #(I lost count) On one hand I conducted a test on Saturday which required people to study, and today I have to study before class tomorrow. I never studied this much even in college or examination days!?!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, my cue to exit! Good day, people.
Pray for me, and pray for C++
Let's hope neither of us manage drastically weird things with the other.


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