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Monday, November 08, 2004

Another Victory for Agent R

There was the entire bunch of us. Me, lover, bi, R and another friend who I'll call Saturday. Not for any specific reason like an affinity to the day of the week, but for the fact that her surname can be shortened to Sat and that can be further expanded to Saturday. I could also be expanded to Saturn or Saturate or Satrap for that matter, but due to personal idiosyncrasy Saturday it is. But that is not the point, and as always I digress.

We were waiting for our viva on a subject called "Electronic Design and Software Techniques", interestingly software techniques is something we electronic engineers know nothing about. But that again, is not the point; it is just a background to our knowledge of the subject, or rather the lack of it. While trying to figure out the use of those zillion diagrams of UML, all of which looked the same to us, wondering whether the stick men are the creation of some bored engineer and later moving onto our project and then onto microprocessors, it was trivia time. And this, ladies and gentlemen is the point of the entire text you've been reading till now.

As I was saying, we happened to transcend into processors and further into overclocking them and so on, when I stumbled onto this plot. Read on.

A note to the readers: This plot is a half baked one, lots of lose ends yet to be tied up, if anyone interested in working on it, mail me.

Agent R, Record on Interpol Files
Age: 21
Date of Birth: 14th July
Educational Qualifications: B.E Electronics and Telecommunication
Claim to fame: Saving little frog Danny from a spider induced self immolation
Rank: Ace Detective (Hey people, remember that game, Carmen?)

Agent R had a nasty time this year. Her brains were totally screwed up. She had been on her trail for a long enough time - Pune to Melbourne to Montreal to Silverstone to Monaco to Suzuka and then back to Pune. That was one hell of a task, keeping up with the clues. She sat down to analyse the clues.
But something seemed wrong.
Something didn't quite fit in.
Something was really wrong in the itinerary.

Restoring the copies of TechView back safely to the college from where they were stolen was of paramount importance. Stolen, each and every copy of both the issues of the academic year 2003-2004. Not even a single copy left for the records. Agent R had a lot of work on her hands, and then the itinerary kept bothering her. Being the world famous Ace Detective, she couldn't let this thief slip off from her hand, and not when her best friend, the then editor of TechView had pleaded with her to get the copies back. She just couldn't let her down. And so, Ace Detective Agent R was torn - between letting that small nagging doubt about the thief's travel plan bother her for some hidden clue or look at the most obvious clues and head straight into the computer lab. The thief's next attack had to be the website.

Agent R had to work fast; she figured Monaco could be dealt with later on, and dashed into the computer lab. And there was the thief struggling to hack into the TechView site. 'Twas a funny sight - the thief was trying to access the directory and just couldn't! The machines in the lab were so slow and Agent R had a lot of time on her hands. A lot of time, because she couldn't so anything till the thief doesn't make her actions obvious. You can't just accuse someone of stealing after all. She wouldn't be able to do that even if the thief had stolen a wallet with 2500 in cash. So she waited and waited and waited, and then the thief started working on the chipset in the computer.

"WTF!!????" exclaimed Agent R.

The thief was smart, trying to improve the performance of the machine by overclocking the processor. You really think the thief was smart? Think again. Agent R chuckled. She knew the thief wouldn't be able to do much. She messaged Interpol via the wireless communication module embedded in her watch. And she decided to wait. Waiting was something Agent liked a lot - it didn't draw too much attention to herself, while at the same time she could keep an eye on what was happening. Nonchalantly she continued writing the code she was writing - developing a wireless protocol for communication between a chip embedded into the buttons on her coat and Interpol.

But what about our thief? She was getting bolder by the minute. She thought she could steal everything and get away. Little did she know Agent R was on her trail. Little did she know agent R was right next to her, waiting for her to make on small mistake. Little did she know... ! As per the script, she made on small mistake, she managed to hack into the system. Before you could blink, Agent R had her gun out with an aim on the thief, and the thief - she had hers aimed at Agent R. What could R do, sacrifice her life? If she pulled the trigger, before dying the thief would pull hers also. Agent R, for the first time in her illustrious career was in fix. She should have acted earlier she thought. "I messed it up, this once"!

Still vacillating between her life and her job just as she was about to pull the trigger, there was fire and the overclocked processor in flames. The smart thief managed to overclock it so much that the heat generated crossed any level of dissipation by the heat sink and went up in flames! Flames - fire! The fire distracted the thief by a couple of microseconds, which were enough for Agent R to have her firmly in handcuffs to hand over to the local police who just about made it in time! And the sanctity of TechView was restored!

Another victory for agent R, but there was something bothering her, what was Monaco doing in the thief's plan of travel?


  • At 7:15 PM, November 08, 2004, Blogger S m i t h a said…

    I think u should go ahead and keep working on it. Who knows, this could be the next Harry Potter or Tin Tin. U can add some Bond(Ian Fleming's) stuff, like good-looking men, gagets, beaches and villas if R approves!

  • At 9:25 PM, November 08, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You still haven't gotten over Monaco, have you? For Christ's sake, the man wasn't even on pole in Monaco! Don't start off with Thursday practice times again!


  • At 9:56 PM, November 08, 2004, Blogger Akshay said…

    Melbourne to Montreal to Silverstone to Monaco to Suzuka I see a definite pattern here.
    Why do all secret agents seem to be fascinated with the South of France ?

  • At 2:25 AM, November 09, 2004, Blogger Kathak - The Story Teller! said…

    Smitha>>> I'll keep that in mind

    Rhea>>> Maybe you could drop architecture and that job thats soon going to buy you that ranch you want and take up psycology or something like that. (See, i didn't comment on Thursday practise times and i didn't say looking at thise he should have been on pole as against 5th)

    Akshay>>> The pattern was meant to be. I could give you three guesses on the pattern, but i'll let that pass for now. or maybe you could tell me, if we get rid of monaco what does the pattern tell you. Regarding point 2, maybe we could ask the secret agents what is it that fascinates them so much! My fixation with the South of France in this pattern was different.


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