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Friday, October 15, 2004

Pearl's not posting

Pearl doesn't post, all she does is sit on my head all day long and read everything I type and eats my head about why I don't post any longer. She's been forcing me to post something, hence this! But now that I'm posting, I remember that she also very nicely put u-pins on both my sleeves like her life depended on it.

But but, there is Dan, who also doesn't post, because she wants all of us to tell her how much we miss her.

And then there is Smitha, who is so not interested in posting; I guess he's still reeling from the culture shock in the big bad United States

And then, then there is Akshay. Had I posted this post a couple of days ago, I could have said he's still trying to catch up on his sleep, but in those couple of days he has done much more than that!

And and and my dear friend Praga, I owe you a story, just give me some time; till I get 3/4 of an hour to myself!

And this, this Ladies and Gentlemen, also sums up the readership of my blog. Any other readers I haven't mentioned, you'll have to comment on my blog before I am able to mention you!



  • At 9:34 PM, October 15, 2004, Blogger Akshay said…

    thanks for the mention ...
    I know I going pretty much overboard posting ..
    Its great having younger sisters .I sure miss mine (sniffles).

  • At 3:41 AM, October 16, 2004, Blogger S m i t h a said…

    Very interesting range of readership u got! One sister, collegemate, a token-nice-guy and two anagrams!! im impressed!!!
    Dan, we confess, we miss u, alright. we miss u. u satified. mmmmuuuuuaaahhhh (Kathak style!)
    Akshay, dont become a software engineer if u dont want to be one. A quote from Matrix is very apt here
    "It is dangerous. They have trouble letting go. Their mind turns against them. I've seen it happen."
    Ask Praga for more details...(Hi Praga, wats cooking?)

    coming to me...
    K, im not reeling from any shock, least of all a cultural one... i came well prepared, remember, all the Nancy Friday's and Penthouses are money well spent!


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