Ek Kathak Aur Uski Kathayen

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bond, James Bond

There is this company in Faridabad - they manufacture auto components. These components require specialised heat treatment process, known as induction heating, the equipment for which costs lakhs of rupees. Now, this company had picked up a machine from a manufacturer in Kanpur, and for some reason the transformers kept blowing off. After a long R&D, they were told they would have to change all capacitors, incurring a total cost of nothing less then 4-5 lakhs. Somewhere during that, they ordered a transformer from my dad, and looking at how the transformers were blowing off, he said the fault was something different, and wouldn't give a days guarantee on the transformer he supplies for that machine. As expected they transformer blew off, and these people were all ready to shell out the dough for the high frequency capacitors... until, Mr. Bond a.k.a my dad walked in. Surveyed the machine, looked all over and in a couple of hours detected the fault - a burnt insulation with a cost of no more than 50 INR!

Another story with another company, again an auto manufacturer, with a machine from the same company in Kanpur. The machine conked off, and the companies engineer was struggling for days. Finally after a good 8-10 days the engineer states that the oscillator value has to be replaced. Now this oscillator valve is a very small priced component, just 3 lakhs! And the company claims, they sent the "best" engineer in the country... so if it has to be replaced, it has to be replaced. In comes Mr. Bond again. In 3 hours and a couple of adjustments to the PCBs the machine is up and working!

Sometimes I figure Dad's stories are much more interesting than mine. But that doesn't mean I'm going to spare you my stories. Coming soon... I'm not disclosing anything yet!


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