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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Its Official!

People... I'm officially 7/8th an engineer now!

After over a months delay Pune University have announced the results of the 7th semester BE course. How kind of them to do so a couple of weeks before the term ends. Wouldn't it have been simpler to have a combined BE result in Aug? Oh well... never mind.

It's been a long journey from a quarter to 3/8 to half to 5/8ths and then to three quarters and then the figure 7/8. In a few more months, the fraction should be complete!! One of these days you can expect a post titled "The story so far", the title could change though, if I come up with something I find better, or if I get bored of this title before I get down to working on the post.

And, as a parting shot, some trivia - I officially hate the figure 0.3. I could say its a boring number, but in American you say "it sucks" and not "its boring", and I shall switch to using American because I think I suddenly like America (And I hope *certain* Americans like me for liking America and liking George Bush, the later a tad difficult, but what the heck!)

0.3 You Suck!


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