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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

So there was an earthquake

At the gym, sometime around 7 pm in the evening

Random person #1: What's an earthquake called in english? (The question was asked in hindi)
Random person #2: Earthquake
Random person #1: not yet convinced, looking at me for an answer
Me: Earthquake

Random person #1: So, did you feel it?
I'm assumed she was asking have you ever experienced an earthquake, and I started off with, "yeah... I was in the 5th standard once" (of course I would have been in the 5th once, but anyway) but random person #1 cut me off mid way "no no... I'm talking about today's earthquake"

Me: Earthquake? Today?

And then there was pin drop silence. The world stopped. The entire gym pounced on me "WHATTTTTTTTTT????? You're not aware of it??"

The silence for a few seconds was unnerving and then I casually shrug it off... afterall I slept through the earthquake!

Another a few seconds of bewildered silence, and life was normal again.

Quite like an earthquake itself!


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