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Friday, September 23, 2005

What happened at Work Today

1. I realised that after the 1527th signature on the 483rd document my signature actually looks good!

2. HR personnel have beautiful e-mail id's and extension numbers.

3. The coffee dispenser actually dispenses coffee. All you need to do it go around it a couple of times. Look from the right, then from the left, then from the top, towards the wall and so on. Finally after 8 odd minutes request someone to show you how it works - and you know what, it actually works!

4. Bruised my ego, near the coffee dispenser.
X: So, what process are you with?
Me: Err... process?
X: Yeah, process.
Then realising she was a BPO employee, I said more to myself than to her "Oh, you're with the BPO"
X: Yeah, this entire building is the BPO building.
Me: (Walking away) No, I'm with technologies.
Damn the buggers, that was *our* building, for Pete's sake!

5. Checked out the gym. No comments.

On the positive side, we can wear casuals each and every day of the week.
On the negative side, there are no cute guys in our batch. I think that company - Mathematics - down the road that did recruit a couple of really *cute* fellows from the 2002 pass-outs probably recruited all the cute ones this year also :(

That's about it. They call me "Project Engineer", I guess I'll get used to it.


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