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Monday, June 18, 2007

All play and no work...

Creates gems for future generations to read...
Interactive poetry, Ladies and Gentlemen!!

Revy had forgotten to "reply all" to a sad mail sent by Charlie boy, and so I hit reply all and that worked as a reminder. So natuarally Revy baby was happy about the reminder, and so I wrote a few lines of poetry for her...

Now I made you remember.
Now you remember.
Now you replied.
Now we're all happy.
Now that we're all happy, you are also happy.
Now that calls for a party.
Now you need to give us a party.
Now that party can be an Ice cream party.
Now that can be given at the ice cream thingy inside E-square.
Now that is because the ice cream of that brand is amazing.
Now isn't that lovely!
Now we're all happy all over again,
Now... heh heh heh!!!!!!!!

Then of course, she replied in prose, which when converted to poetry reads...
Now I'm not happy.
Now that because of the use of the word "Now" in Sonal's poetry.

This converstion didn't go down well with her, so she replied in prose again, which when converted to poetry reads...
Now I will request you to spare me.
Now I am pleading with you.

Which of course, didn't go down well either. But to be fair and just to the girl, she made an attempt at poetry, which was rather bad, so converting it to poetry again...
Now I'm not happy
Now that is because Candy has started using too many "Now's" in her poetry
Now I am getting bored because of that
Now I realised that is because I never liked it
Now will Sonal ever understand
Now that she should stop using the word "Now"

Then I realised I loved the poetry!! So I added to the poem...
Now I will blog this poem...

Now isn't this lovely!!!! lol!!
P.S: Please note that Candy and Sonal are the same people, therefore there is no logical mistake in the previous to previous stanza! Its like, $ alias Sonal= Candy
P.P.S: This is an explaination for Revy.
P.P.P.S: The post isn't checked for spelling mistakes.


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