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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A research question for the "MBA types"

I was apparently studying for a quiz on Liabilities as part of LOB, and a friend over gtalk decided to initiate me into Banking history. At the end of the conversation, we came up with a research question for anyone who wishes to take it up -

If PoK = Goldwest, Pak == Wachovia, China == Citi, Russia == Fargo, India == JPMC, then the question is, "Who gets nuked first, and how did JPMC manage this?"

Cheat: The answer is not US.
Bonus 1: Why is the answer not US.
Bonus 2: Identify why India == JPMC.
Bonus 3: (To help C programmers pass the quiz) :What's with "=="?

Now of course you know what they mean when they say "An empty mind is a devil's workshop. Who's the "they" btw? (Anyone for Bonus 4?)

P.S: This might also explain why I forgot leases is also part of the quiz. Heh heh.

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