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Monday, September 15, 2008

Recipie for Disaster

It's 1 am, I have two cases to read before 9 am. I am not feeling sleepy, but I don't particularly feel like studying either. It's been just 2 weeks into the MBA. I have not exhibited even an iota of the genius I delude myself into believing I am/have, either in the class or in my CAN group. I have been only reflecting on the sorry state of personal affairs, and on my visit to Makati Hospital. (At midnight, to the ER. Heh heh!)

Am I setting myself up for disaster? The word disaster, btw, has 'aster' as a root which has something to do with a star/astral body/something. I wish I could say, I am a shining star... what the F is happening here?

P.S: That was all self pity. Or to be more elegant, that was my reflection paper on the 11 days of the MBA. (Discounting the 2 weeks of Pre-MBA).

P.P.S: Beer Pub was good fun, except of course, I missed the beer. Thanks to the fever. Crap.

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