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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

CP gone wrong #1

Professor Larry Tan, teaches us a subject called LOB - Language of Business, which regardless of its fancy name, is nothing but Basic (?) Accounting. In an 8 am class on Day 1 of the MBA proper (as he refers to the MBA after the Pre-MBA), I decide to once again put my rather large-ish foot in the even larger mouth.

We were discussing a case about two friends trying to come to a conclusion on the accounts of their little business. I raise my hand and make this rather astute observation, "Sir, since we are capitalizing the recipe, shouldn't we capitalize the labour too?" Prof. Larry Tan comes back with, "Let's say tomorrow Infosys decides to capitalize you, and depreciate you ever year. How would you feel?".

Everything else is good, but "How would you feel?"!!!!!!!!

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