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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sweet Revenge

After all the years of putting up with Pearl impersonating me on IM and telephone conversations, I managed to impersonate her! And for a good part of the conversation, managed to type in the "chat language", at least till I was able to. Achievement, no? But better still is the conversation. It's simply brilliant! :-)

Pearl left her gtalk connected, with a "be right back", when I casually went over to my laptop and created the havoc I did. The best part is, her friend still believes the "chat conversation" that she had with "Pearl"!!

The_friend: ru planin on commin back?
The_Pearl: yo dude
The_friend: its not ok
The_Pearl: m srry
i ws on phne
The_friend: but i said na its not ok
The_Pearl: bt it ws impt phne
The_friend: 4m
The_Pearl: i'l mke it up 2 u
i cnt tell
i'l give u a call
The_friend: ummmm
The_Pearl: 2dy
in sme tim
The_friend: okie!!
but who was on the ph
The_Pearl: i cnt tel ya
The_friend: u evil lil soul jus tell me
The_Pearl: my bf ya
The_friend: otherwise katti
ya ya
The_Pearl: seriously
The_friend: and who is he
The_Pearl: he's doin engg
1st yr
The_friend: okie
The_Pearl: comp sci
The_friend: n whats his name
The_Pearl: y?
u want to google search r pics kya?
The_friend: yaaa
The_Pearl: Shashank
The_friend: jus wonderin u know
The_Pearl: abt?
wt r u wondering abt?
The_friend: :) how come u convinced him
The_Pearl: he convinced me
The_friend: ohhhh
The_Pearl: So i ws lke okay whatever
The_friend: full on
The_Pearl: jus tp ya
nothing serious ;)
The_friend: ohhh so hes a tgp types kya?
The_Pearl: no re. hes a dude
The_friend: ohhh
The_Pearl: rlly
The_friend: i got ur point
The_Pearl: :)
The_friend: laughs
The_Pearl: heh
The_friend: :)
The_Pearl: what r u upto?
The_friend: not much
The_Pearl: hw many ppl u flirting wid?
The_friend: really bored
The_Pearl: flirt wid smeone na
The_friend: me none
u tell me how
The_Pearl: mmm
The_friend: i mean who
The_Pearl: u'l hve to pay me 4 ma consultancy services
let's agree upon the rate
and we can negotiate other details later?
The_friend: u still have 2 make up 2 me 4 not chattin and ignorin me while u were on the ph
The_Pearl: I propose, 40$ an hour
oh yes. I'll make it up
so, I'll give you a 25% discount
so that's $30 an hour
But, you called me an evil little soul
The_friend: okie 1st u have 2 give a trile service
The_Pearl: Hence, I might want to bring it to your notice that my actual rate was $30 an hour, I hiked it up to $40
So esentially I over quoted by 33%, but you thought I'm giving you a 25% discount.
Am I brilliant or what??
The_friend: hehe!! that shere cheatin
The_Pearl: And, yes, I'm aware this is not a basic math class, so I'll cut the crap
where were we....
yes, 30$
The_friend: okie
The_Pearl: so let's sign on that
and then we can take it forward after that
The_friend: okie
The_Pearl: What do you think?
The_friend: ya im cool with it
but u have 2 give me a special discount
coz ur cheatin
The_Pearl: sure babes.... anything for you
let's say, 25% ;)


  • At 9:54 AM, December 26, 2007, Anonymous Big Brother said…


    Brilliant... until u started discussing profit and discount.. u were actually good.. but later.. u know... Pearl won't talk crap like that, not maths & statistics on chat.

  • At 7:59 PM, January 03, 2008, Blogger Lively said…

    LOL yeah.. that could come out pretty well if you didnt start typing the complete words and sentences and all (IM lingo you know)

    Anyways good to find a new post after ages! keep updating and do followup my tag, else Grrr!!


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