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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Breaking News -

This is what I recently mailed my team in office :-)

Hi Everyone,

This is the customary good bye mail that everyone writes on quitting the organization! Yes, I am (finally!) quitting *****, to pursue a full time two year MBA!

From where – I still have to take a decision on that, but I thought I may as well enjoy a month or two at home doing absolutely nothing, and so have quit before I receive all the acceptance letters (Yes… I have one, and am expecting at least another 2/3 – no, I’m not being a boastful idiot! )

Because I’m more excited about the future, and not in a very reflective mood, I cannot (and will not) write a very long letter of how much I really enjoyed everything and learned a lot here. Well, I did, and from a lot of 2nd hand experiences, I must admit, mine at ***** been a very good experience. My last working day here will be the 25th of March!! And, it will be back to school for me, from June, and obviously, the ***** will no longer be active.

My personal email, in case you would like to update your address books – blah@.....

Hope to keep in touch…


I feel on top of the world. Unemployment rocks!!!

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