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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hello, World!

Just testing to see if this still works! lol!
And to take up the tag by Lively...

I'll be making this real quick, as I am at that point of my professional-academic career where I want to move into the MBA-Student category real soon. Though, of course, as usual I'm not doing anything about it. Not even preparing an answer to the customary, "So, tell me something about yourself". Getting back to the tag, six non-important habits/quirks/things about myself -

1. I daydream - A LOT.
2. I prefer writing with a pencil - the regular ones, not the "clutch" or "point-5" pencils.
3. I need my pencils sharpened. Usually.
4. I am obsessed with colour. All kinds.
5. I clip my nails very short, till the point where the nail touches the skin. Every 12-15 days.
6. I want a cell phone that has only 4 features - a decent enough organiser, an unlimited contact list, an unlimited message memory, and 6-8 hours of talk time. Nothing else.

As for who to tag, it's the usual gang -
1. Pearl
2. Danny
3. Charlie
4. Mathi Boy
5. Revy - Will this prompt you to start blogging?
6. Any other reader who wishes to take this up!

That's it folks! See you guys on the other side of March, or probably early April!


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