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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Egg Museum!

Precious Not so Little Pearl is planning a new Business Venture. She plans to preserve "Eggs".
Whose Eggs?
Well, this is the story -

Me and Pearl were drinking Chai. Actually I was sipping chai and Pearl was watching. Then she says,
"Didi, will you *lend* me your eggs?"
"So that I can have kids"
"What about your eggs?"
"I want to preserve them"
"For whom?"
"For Posterity"
"Your posterity"
"See, my kids will be from your eggs, right? Hence your posterity"

This one can win #1 spot for "Kids say the most unbelievable things" section of the news paper!

Please Note: Statement in PINK are in the said colour on Pearl's request. So that her thoughts can stand out in the crowd! As if the thoughts weren't wild enough...!!??!!?!

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