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Monday, December 20, 2004

We got the Power!

Some days ago, or to be more precise, on the 29th of November 2004, we decided to play a little game here, on Dan's blog to prove the power of friendship, and we finally did!

After a game the results are announced and its going to be no different here! 105 comments, not an easy task but we made it past the 100 mark, and did prove that power that only friendship has!!

1.We did have our share of melodrama, courtesy the drama queen a.k.a. Kathak!
2.The queen of anagrams gave us our share for the month, and boy oh boy, she came up with some pretty awesome anagrams!
3. Although that was started by our very own in house Robert Langdon who's anagram "Hay Ask" had a snowballing effect!
4. Pearl came in and ran away deciding it wasn't worth her time associating herself with those freaks!
5. Sudhakar was too bewildered and flummoxed and stupefied and did a pretty good job of navigating his way through the melodrama over the comment box.
6. Rhea made a guest appreance to play proxy mom.
7. And Akshay wanted to talk about the multiple lives of a cat but I guess no one wanted to divert into cats, and a heart broken Akshay left us at that point! Akshay, maybe you should do a post about the cats!

And that, friends, enemies and countrymen, sums up what went on at Dan's!

If you wanna play any more mischief, or add to the comment box turned doodle board (as Dan once opined), do hop over to the Diary that Dan writes and make your self feel at home, till then I go story writing!!


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