Ek Kathak Aur Uski Kathayen

Sunday, March 27, 2005

#4, Wistful - or plain reflecting?

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Soma looked out of the balcony. It was her, with her favourite cup of tea. They had this thing going for them, to put it colloquially. Plenty of times they managed perfectly normal conversations with each other; at times they even managed company. There were times Soma could have conversations with her books, and at times with the characters in her books. She did monologues; dialogues with her imaginary friends; and sometimes even conversations - with people in flesh and blood.

"Soma, it wouldn't hurt either of us if we walk together."
"Your home is that way, mine is this way"
"'tis a long way to your destination. A little company wouldn't hurt"
"It will"

She left Akash where the road forked and carried on.

And, on her journey Soma met him. She knew she wanted a companion. She craved for one, to put it lightly. She was addicted to the need for company but she knew she would leave him again, once the road forked. She knew how the conversation would run once they approached the fork - she had rehearsed it over and over again; with herself, her cup of tea, myraid characters from her novels and imaginary friends! She knew the drill, many times over now.

Ravi carried on in his quest to capture another emotion. He captured love; he captured abandon; he captured innocence. He was looking for his next, when he chanced upon Soma in the balcony. Was it wistful longing? Or... was it what his lens captured - serene reflection and a smile of a woman at peace with herself knowing what she was doing - and enjoying that cup of tea!?!!


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