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Sunday, April 03, 2005

The art of keeping secrets

I have a friend, lets call her A (She's R, but humour me)
I have another friend, lets call him B (He's actually M, but humour me again)
And then there's a another guy called C (He's actually... please humour me)
So we have 2 guys, 1 girl but no pizza place! (No, I've never seen the show, only heard the trailors years back when I used to watch 'friends' like once in a couple of months on Star World)

So I tell A that I'll fix her up with C, tho' I had initially *fixed* her up with B. So she likes the joke (and there I was serious... actually... humour me people.) So so so, she tells B that she found a new guy for herself called C and and and she told me to "play the game". A totally heart broken B asks me and I tell him "It's actually a joke, but don't tell her I told you." Ofcourse B was happy that A still belongs to him. Then people, I meet A. Then I A, that I told B the truth and told him not to tell you... so... whatever!

Yes people, I do know I'm a genius!

As an update to my last post, I'm no longer dreaming of transformers but of food. (People not from Pune, the places may be alien to you, but you could still read on.) I get these surreal visions of pani puri from deepak, onion kachories from ozone... heck even the rasgulla's from ozone and the bengali mithai from mithaas... chole bhature and basket chat from manmeet, idli's from this tapri near my college, pav bhaaji from the "chowpati" in camp, hakka noodles from chinese room, sizzlers from The Place, choco-dip from smowball, kulfi from a place called shiv kailash near Pune Station, frozen pizza from pizza hut (yeah, I love pizza kept over night in the fridge)....chocolate cake from bakers basket (Find me another chocolate cake as good as the ones they make... I challenge you people of the world), vanilla ice cream and mango mastani from sujata... In fact, the tapri's near the chatushrungi temple also are pretty decent with chinese and even the kulfi... I think I'll stop here... more so since i need to get rid of those visions that i get out of no where!

On a positive note, its not transformers any longer!
But I want that pani puri... :((


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