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Saturday, April 02, 2005

SOS for help!

People, I need help, I really do. Like the kind of help a human being would humanly need when confronted with a screwy project. Don't get me wrong (Potential Employers, HR personnel, the next sentence is for you) I do enjoy working on my project. I really do - like passionate about my project and all that jazz and unfortunately (for others) get too passionate about my work, but that besides, it is SOS time when I find myself dreaming of transformers! Yes people of the world, I am dreaming of transformers; the ones that step down 230V AC to 16V AC with a current rating of 60mA. In my dreams these guys actually blow off in the middle of a desert with no one around except a few other electrical/electronic components and they PCB on which they reside... blow off with a big fire in which you could cook your evening meal. This, when I should be dreaming of sexy young men making love on the moonlight beach with the waves lapping at the feet!

On another note, have you heard of the
Small World Phenomenon? I managed to prove the hypothesis and think I'm onto something really big! Anyone with no work to do, do get in touch with me, we'll use this to kill time and probably find newer ways for the same!!! (People please note the innovative method for hankering for mails, someone could use the hint - it's SOS....!!!)


  • At 9:06 PM, April 03, 2005, Blogger S m i t h a said…

    WHAT? you are also dreaming of transformers! if u have notice keenly you would have seen a guy also in ur desert dream. well, i have been dreaming that i set transformers on fire on the middle of the desert for no apparent reason!! talk abt six degree of seperation...

    ok, i also have been dreaming of all the food varieties we get in Pune. now all i have to do is find who else is dreaming that way & ....

  • At 12:30 AM, April 04, 2005, Blogger Kathak - The Story Teller! said…

    Ah ha! So now I know who's my dream guy ;)


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