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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

And, here's another crisis...

... or Such is the life of a Graduate Student.

First was the sub-prime crisis. (Okay, this has nothing to do with the current crisis, but hear me out.)

Then came the Financial Crisis. (Well, at least this follows logically from the point above.)
Then came the Academic Crisis. And it came in sinusoidal wave functions, recursive functions, goto statements (bad coding practice, btw), and what have you. (I never said I'm co-relating any of the above, or maybe I am. Hear me out. Please). Oh, and you can fathom the magnitude of the crisis' (the academic ones) because I was actually offering Starbucks in return of encouragement. (Yeah, that bad. And I ain't a billionaire, yet.)

And in the next chronology of events, (And please do not mistake chronology for causation, because as a 'Young MBA student', I wouldn't appreciate any fallacious reasoning you will indulge in post reading this.) And, I just lost the sentence (Like, "we just lost the beat"... it's a line somewhere in "We didn't start the fire (I know I'm going into nested thought loops - this one will close two parenthesis.))

Coming back to the point (Too much deviation... need to look into the metrics of average words per non-fiction blog post), the next in the chronology of events is the Clothes Crisis! Sigh. I have run out of wearable clothes. Either they are in the laundry, or in the laundry. That ways! End of story. So early in the morning, my roomie looks at me, and bursts into fits of laughter. Then my Cannie walks into class and starts laughing, then people ask me weird arse questions. Only if I had gone to the laundry yesterday evening. Sigh. Well... Such, is the life of a graduate student.

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