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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Lost, and found...

... in 135 minutes.

Its been almost 4 months, and I haven't seen this city yet. In fact, if I were to venture more than a couple of blocks away from school, I'd be lost. Which, incidentally, is precisely what happened yesterday. And it was tragic, because I consider myself to have a very good sense of direction, (Yeah, joker, you're an outlier, therefore I'm ignoring you for the sake of general sanity.)

For quite some time I could see the skyscrapers of the central business district, and knew I was close to home, if not quite at it. And after some time, I find myself in weird streets, and I'm flummoxed. I come to an intersection that said "Quezon City" to the right and "Pasay City" to the left. And I had to goto Makati. Confusing. So I re-read the board, and the one that said "Pasay City" said, "via EDSA" and I remember EDSA as the station where we had taken the train to Tagaitay for. Phew.

So I carry on, and find myself in a place that was lined with what could be small houses, except the boards outside them read "Family rooms available", "Rooms No charge" and "Rooms available - P75 per hear per hour". The business student in me is trying to make sense out of this. Trust me, it doesn't. At the end of the day, the people who would use the rooms are going to indulge in potential family making activities, so which one would they choose? I'll bet the one that says "Family rooms", after all they have a 50% off on Happy hours too. (Well, I walked by again, when the business student was really flummoxed.). It makes more sense, specially if you're kinky, you wouldn't want to spend at per head per hour rates. (Disclaimer: I assume. I wouldn't really know if there is a point of indifference depending on the number of people w.r.t the family rooms.)

By now, I'm curious, but the place was kind of down market and didn't want to spend too much time, lest my previously mentioned fears of getting lost (which I was) and mugged (which I potentially could be) come true. After what seemed like an eternity, or about half an hour (depending on which of my personalities had taken over at that point in time), I saw something that said "Starbucks". Given that it made business sense to operate in locations where you are able to recover your fixed costs, and that Starbucks is expensive coffee, I knew happy hours were coming closer. (Or I was about to find my way back home.) Then came another, and a third and the skyscrapers in view... and in an hour after the first Starbucks, I was at a walkway that led to GreenBelt. And home. Finally.

Lost, and Found, in 135 minutes!

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  • At 9:19 AM, December 30, 2008, Blogger Xplorer said…

    Lol... u missed the "family rooms poer hour per person" details when u narrated ur lost nd found story... very very adventurous indeed... Hahahaha... When u return, take me to that very starbucks :)


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