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Friday, May 13, 2005

Assorted Insanity

Non-Hindi Readers, My apologies. The text below may not make much sense to you. You could however, try an assorment of Translation Services available around you. I profusely apologise for the inconvinience caused.

4 years of engineering, or rather 4 years in an engineering college can drive any normal person insane, or so they say. I don't know about driving any one insane, lest of all me... (I'm exceptional, I'm too good, and I'm already infinitely insane. So infinity+anything...... )

But then, there times when I wonder if there is a value greater than infinity.
You would wonder too, if you left your paragraphs incomplete (like the one above :)) )
And when you find your self making statements like

1. Jabh woh building badi ho jayegi, tabh kaafi acchi dikhegi
2. Arrey... woh hanuman ki dukan 10 bajah tak to jagi reheti hai, baadmein recharge coupon le lenge.
3. (And once while talking of the virtues of the controller in my project) Woh itna chota isliye hai kyon ki all the ports are bit addressable. To woh khata bhi chote chote bits hai... (Don't ask me what I was trying to say, I'll be glad if I figure that out myself)
4. What's the issue with calling up Boston ya? Just goto the US and make a international call. (Err... international call to?)

Which brings me to the cases of the confused-with-too-much communication media.

1. (While speaking to one of my dad's engineers who was helping me with my project)
I could mail the file in, and if I come there, I could download it on the server, and get it to you on a floppy (since there was some reconfiguration of the lan and all PCs weren't connected to the server)... but would anyone have the keys to the room? (How difficult was it for me to carry the file on a floppy from home, I'm still trying to figure out)

2. (While speaking to my project partner)
Mail it to my account, and cc it to yours also. I'll download it at home, go over it, if there are any changes I'll make them, mail it to both of us. And I'll mail it to dad also, so he can download it there. (Then my friend interrupts.... "and carry a copy with you on a floppy and the USB drive") yeah, that I'll do.....and then we can copy it on the server and transfer it to Rajesh's PC. (How complicated, all for a less than 400kB)

But you can't blame me...
See I have friends who's pretty crazy.
The same friend who interrupted me midway up in the last example

1. Agar mein gaadi ki front seat pe baithoongi, toh tum logon se jaldi ghar pahunch jaoongi
2. Barish mein kapde dhoge to woh geele ho jayenge

And then another friend on an international call tells her bf (on the other end)
Mujhe aisa kyon lag raha hai ki tum aaj kaafi door se baat kar rahe ho (on a day when the delay in the line seemed more than normal)

And now collective intelligence.
Once on a lab session on fibre optics, for some absurd reason the nature of the readings for the "propogation losses" and "bending losses" got interchanged (It was because we screwed up, obviously... but then) some smart arse (I believe the same interrupt girl from above) comes up with

"Hume pata hai hum bending losses kar rahe hain, lekin fibre ko kaise pata chalega?"
And all of us were pretty much in solemn agreement with the answer!!

On second thoughts, like on a sign off note, I should change the statement above which says "But you can't blame me, I have friends...." Maybe its the other way round. Maybe I induced the insanity... and then because of that induced insanity and the insanity here, there was some amount of mutually induced insanity and then... maybe I need to stop.

But Infinity+anything= infinity ??????

P.S: People if you didn't find anything funny, party, you just tested negative for dementia. On the other hand if you did find it funny, party again, you're perfectly fine, its just some people who have zero sense of humour!


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