Ek Kathak Aur Uski Kathayen

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Signs that you've been working too late...

Over the years, there have been enough mails doing the rounds with subject lines as inane as "You might be addicted to office if... ", "15 signs that you're married to your office..." Please note the three dots. (On a side note, the manager guy from the client's end is so particular about the documentation that if you deliver a document that has "some stuff, some other stuff, some more stuff etc .." he gets back with a review comment saying that the two dots should be three... which means it should be "etc..." and not "etc..")

Getting back to where I was, those mails would talk about a lot of fiction and just for putting something in print, they would put not quite exhibited behaviour of the IT fellows! Some of the points I remember would be

1. You pick up the home phone and dial "0" for an outside line.
... oh well... I've done this many a times :(
2. You know how to spell and pronounce paradigm.
blame it on my englist teacher...
3. You even use it and know what it means.
pointer to the english teacher, all over again!
4. You need coffee every hour (or you have caffeine in your veins as against blood) or something on those lines...
What does IT have to do with this - See what I meant about "forced" points! There - this just vindicated my stand!

But now, on a more serious note, the real, uncensored, actual behaviour exhibited if you work in office too much!

1. You dial "0" to get an outside line - honestly, this one's a classic... what better than to start with a classic!
2. You use your access card, and swipe it at the elevator, hoping that the elevator will magically come and figure where it is you need to go.
3. You even use your card to swipe at a mall, and hope that you'll get access to the section you need to get into... When all you need to do, is to push the damned door!
4. You no longer ask Ankita to do something for you, but in stead, "the action is on Ankita"!
5. You no longer "finish stuff", but actually "close tasks".
6. Your checklists for daily activities become better, more defined, show continuous improvement and provoke Precious little Pearl into this! I shall now let this post continue here!