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Sunday, February 25, 2007

bulb-illuminated-in-my-head #4

Yesterday I was having this lovely conversation with Revy Baby when I realised that before I can even think of getting to the point where I would classify a guy as "hot", he needs to be
1. Intelligent
2. Witty
3. Smart
4. Honest

Its only guys who pass the above test(s) that I then bother to "check them out"!

Now... how does this relate to Mr. Lightbulb?
Well... if you see a "hot" guy, the first thought that crosses the mind is "wonder... what he would be like in bed"! And I just realised that 99/100 of the men-folk missed making it to the semi-finals because they didn't pass the litmus test!! What a waste... lol!

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