Ek Kathak Aur Uski Kathayen

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sweet Revenge

After all the years of putting up with Pearl impersonating me on IM and telephone conversations, I managed to impersonate her! And for a good part of the conversation, managed to type in the "chat language", at least till I was able to. Achievement, no? But better still is the conversation. It's simply brilliant! :-)

Pearl left her gtalk connected, with a "be right back", when I casually went over to my laptop and created the havoc I did. The best part is, her friend still believes the "chat conversation" that she had with "Pearl"!!

The_friend: ru planin on commin back?
The_Pearl: yo dude
The_friend: its not ok
The_Pearl: m srry
i ws on phne
The_friend: but i said na its not ok
The_Pearl: bt it ws impt phne
The_friend: 4m
The_Pearl: i'l mke it up 2 u
i cnt tell
i'l give u a call
The_friend: ummmm
The_Pearl: 2dy
in sme tim
The_friend: okie!!
but who was on the ph
The_Pearl: i cnt tel ya
The_friend: u evil lil soul jus tell me
The_Pearl: my bf ya
The_friend: otherwise katti
ya ya
The_Pearl: seriously
The_friend: and who is he
The_Pearl: he's doin engg
1st yr
The_friend: okie
The_Pearl: comp sci
The_friend: n whats his name
The_Pearl: y?
u want to google search r pics kya?
The_friend: yaaa
The_Pearl: Shashank
The_friend: jus wonderin u know
The_Pearl: abt?
wt r u wondering abt?
The_friend: :) how come u convinced him
The_Pearl: he convinced me
The_friend: ohhhh
The_Pearl: So i ws lke okay whatever
The_friend: full on
The_Pearl: jus tp ya
nothing serious ;)
The_friend: ohhh so hes a tgp types kya?
The_Pearl: no re. hes a dude
The_friend: ohhh
The_Pearl: rlly
The_friend: i got ur point
The_Pearl: :)
The_friend: laughs
The_Pearl: heh
The_friend: :)
The_Pearl: what r u upto?
The_friend: not much
The_Pearl: hw many ppl u flirting wid?
The_friend: really bored
The_Pearl: flirt wid smeone na
The_friend: me none
u tell me how
The_Pearl: mmm
The_friend: i mean who
The_Pearl: u'l hve to pay me 4 ma consultancy services
let's agree upon the rate
and we can negotiate other details later?
The_friend: u still have 2 make up 2 me 4 not chattin and ignorin me while u were on the ph
The_Pearl: I propose, 40$ an hour
oh yes. I'll make it up
so, I'll give you a 25% discount
so that's $30 an hour
But, you called me an evil little soul
The_friend: okie 1st u have 2 give a trile service
The_Pearl: Hence, I might want to bring it to your notice that my actual rate was $30 an hour, I hiked it up to $40
So esentially I over quoted by 33%, but you thought I'm giving you a 25% discount.
Am I brilliant or what??
The_friend: hehe!! that shere cheatin
The_Pearl: And, yes, I'm aware this is not a basic math class, so I'll cut the crap
where were we....
yes, 30$
The_friend: okie
The_Pearl: so let's sign on that
and then we can take it forward after that
The_friend: okie
The_Pearl: What do you think?
The_friend: ya im cool with it
but u have 2 give me a special discount
coz ur cheatin
The_Pearl: sure babes.... anything for you
let's say, 25% ;)