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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Resolutions are meant to be broken...

Specially this one

Resolution at 07.00 hours on September 28, 2008

To Debit Knowledge I will no longer Credit Sleep.

P.S: The idea is plagiarized. Not the entire text of course. :-)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another CP Blooper...

This one's from Operations Management class.

Case fact #1: Cost of high quality imported raw hides - 2X
Case fact #2: From selling goods made from highest quality hides, the company earns - 4X
Question: How much would the company be willing to pay the local market to get the highest quality hide?
My Answer: 4 times! (The culture where I come from, Profit is a dirty word anyway. Heh heh!)

On a totally different note, the take away from today's case was that many business backward integrate. And we, then decided that since we anyway own the cow, and the whole backward integration is a never ending process, and that before we know it we will be buying land and growing fodder and setting up own own 'water' manufacturing facility, and then a parallel universe all together... we should also make money selling the meat, the milk, the milk products, and the cow dung as safe, bio friendly fertilizers! (Differentiated value anyone?)

Moral of the story? "Don't be shy about buying the cow".
And I thought we were discussing a tannery here!

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Friday, September 19, 2008


Should Rhetoric be used as a tool to better highlight clarity of thought, or can it be used to fill in the gaps created by lack of logical thinking and obfuscate the lack of clarity in thought; or would Rhetoric by its very definition be the entire package of efficient communication?

Your answer - a/b/c?

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Recipie for Disaster

It's 1 am, I have two cases to read before 9 am. I am not feeling sleepy, but I don't particularly feel like studying either. It's been just 2 weeks into the MBA. I have not exhibited even an iota of the genius I delude myself into believing I am/have, either in the class or in my CAN group. I have been only reflecting on the sorry state of personal affairs, and on my visit to Makati Hospital. (At midnight, to the ER. Heh heh!)

Am I setting myself up for disaster? The word disaster, btw, has 'aster' as a root which has something to do with a star/astral body/something. I wish I could say, I am a shining star... what the F is happening here?

P.S: That was all self pity. Or to be more elegant, that was my reflection paper on the 11 days of the MBA. (Discounting the 2 weeks of Pre-MBA).

P.P.S: Beer Pub was good fun, except of course, I missed the beer. Thanks to the fever. Crap.

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sinbad the Sailor!

I just discovered that Sinbad the Sailor (From the movie Rock On) has been inspired by the posts on my blog. Seriously. I'll prove it to you. All you need to do is to follow the links.

Sinbaad The Sailor Jahaaj Me Jab Chala, Mere Yaar Sun Lo Sun Lo
Dhundh Raha Tha Ek Nayi Duniya Ka Pata, Mere Yaar Sun Lo Sun Lo
Woh Anjaani Raahon Me Tha O O
Woh Leharo Ki Baahon Me Tha O O
Sab Ne Kaha Tha In Samundaro Me Jaana Nahi, Mere Yaar Sun Lo Sun Lo
Khwaabo Ke Pichhe Jaake Kuchh Bhi Hai Paana Nahi, Mere Yaar Sun Lo Suno
Woh Apni Hi Dhun Me Raha O O
Woh Sunata Tha Dil Ka Kaha O O
Usake The Jo Sapne, Wohi Usake The Apne
Aisa Tha Sinbaad The Sailor, Sailor...

Usaka Jahaj Khila Tufano Me, Mere Yaar Sun Lo Sun Lo
Phir Bhi Na Aayi Kami Usake Armaano Me, Mere Yaar Sun Lo Sun Lo
Woh Deewana Aisa Hi Tha O O
Woh Sapano Ka Hamrahi Tha O O
Usake The Jo Sapne, Wohi Usake The Apne
Aisa Tha Sinbaad The Sailor, Sailor...

Woh Kuchh Paane Ki Chaah Me O O
Woh Badhata Raha Raah Me O O
Gehara Samundar Tha Unchi Unchi Lehren, Mere Yaar Sun Lo Sun Lo
Kashtiya Jin Dekhi Mushkil Se Thehare, Mere Yaar Sun Lo Sun Lo
Woh Saahil Tak Aa Hi Gaya O O
Woh Manjil Ko Paa Hi Gaya O O
Usake The Jo Sapne, Wohi Usake The Apne
Aisa Tha Sinbaad The Sailor, Sailor...

Hence Proved. Well, almost!
I further request you to appreciate the Engineering theme in the penultimate stanza and the MBA theme in the last stanza! Also the arbit theme in the first one! :P

For those-
1. Perplexed, the cheat is to associate the link with only the set of words its linked to and not locate the context in the entire sentence. Okay, so you had that figured already!
2. Wondering how much time this took - 20 minutes.

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Saturday, September 06, 2008


Main Entry:1void
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English voyde, from Anglo-French, from Vulgar Latin *vocitus, alteration of Latin vocivus, vacivus empty, from vacare to be empty
Date:14th century
1 a: not occupied : vacant
1 b
: not inhabited : deserted

If its not occupied, it should be occupiable. Yet, the void left behind by a friend can never be filled in by another!


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

CP gone wrong #1

Professor Larry Tan, teaches us a subject called LOB - Language of Business, which regardless of its fancy name, is nothing but Basic (?) Accounting. In an 8 am class on Day 1 of the MBA proper (as he refers to the MBA after the Pre-MBA), I decide to once again put my rather large-ish foot in the even larger mouth.

We were discussing a case about two friends trying to come to a conclusion on the accounts of their little business. I raise my hand and make this rather astute observation, "Sir, since we are capitalizing the recipe, shouldn't we capitalize the labour too?" Prof. Larry Tan comes back with, "Let's say tomorrow Infosys decides to capitalize you, and depreciate you ever year. How would you feel?".

Everything else is good, but "How would you feel?"!!!!!!!!

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