Ek Kathak Aur Uski Kathayen

Monday, August 30, 2004

Welcome Dan!

My two years of intermittent blogging are not in vain.
I managed to get a classmate into blogging - Daneshia!

You could check her out @ http://diary-of-dan.blogspot.com/

Welcome to the blogging community babes!


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

#1, in the rain

It was a Sunday afternoon. The skies were overcast. The staccato sound of the rain on the tin roof and the fragrance of wet mud made her long for a walk in the rains. She lazily got off the couch and started looking for something to wear on her feet. Two kilometres away, he was getting rather bored with seeing the 8th episode of season 9 of "Friends" for the 27th time. He looked out of the window. The rain didn't seem to be in any mood to stop from the last 13 hours. He looked at his watch. 16:12. He figured a good jog in the rains wouldn't kill him.

She went down. Her long navy skirt swirling around her ankles, her long black hair blowing in the air, her chappals getting brown with mud. She was totally oblivious to everything but the drops of rain falling on her, caressing her face, making love to her. Like a lover with no inhibitions, she was enjoying this blatant display of love and lust.

He didn't know where he's going to, or why. All he knew there was some force so strong that it kept drawing him further and further from his house. He gave a damn about the mud and the rain playing havoc on his clothes. All he could hear was the sound of his feet and feel the rain on his face; the only thing he felt was the need to go further, totally unaware of a world around him.

And all that could be heard on the road was the sound of his feet, and the rain on the road. She was walking like she owned the road. He was running like there was nothing else to do. Till, his eyes met hers, and she smiled.Time stopped. He stopped. He smiled back. There was nothing but the rain and two strangers in all their innocence. And as for the photographer, he couldn't have arranged it better himself!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

No more circuit switching, we're the new breed of electronics engineers!

What is it with the addiction of SMS or the Text messaging service?

Just some time ago, a friend in order to save on (or so I assume) a Rs 1.20, 180 second call on the nice BSNL phone, sent over 7-8 text msgs (each worth Rs 1.00) from her Nokia whatever! The only hassle in the entire deal was, we were exchanging expletives more than me giving her information on how to get her to register for the GRE.

Sometime before that, she even managed to deduce that SOP was something given by the state govt. to the farmers. Maybe she didn't, but when she asked me whats a 'sop', I assume she deduced the above!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Nursery Rhymes............... !!!!

I came across this piece of paper with some poetry (!) I had written along with a friend in an extremely boring lecture on Integrated Circuits and Applications. There are actually two of them, but I'll post just one for the time being (and you will thank me for that!)

Red roses for rabbits
Rabbits with good habits
With hair like an ear
Given by a cute mouse, so dear

The red so magnificently bright
Brighter than the sunlight
The rabbit and the rose looked a pretty sight
The grand red and the gleaming white

There came a cat, with whiskers so large
Seeing the mouse, on her lips came a merry song
"I'll eat you", she cried out in delight
This gave the cute mouse a BIG fright

But there was the rabbit and his roses to be reckoned
The light of which frightened off the cat in a nano second
And the cute mouse gave the rabbit a big hug
And they got bitten by the "best friends" bug