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Friday, April 04, 2008

Ich bin Ingenieurin

My Engineering degree certifies that I have been an engineer (first class with distinction, and all - I'm gloating, please notice) since May 2005. While I would not like to dispute it, more so, because I had been employed as an engineer on the basis of that degree, in reality, I feel like an engineer today! After all these years!

So, what's my claim to fame...?
My TV ka remote control - the one which you point at the TV and magically change channels/increase or decrease the volume... the one with which you (and I) and can do a host of other things that you (and specifically I) never utilise it for... that one - conked off. It's been displaying symptoms for a long time now (close to a year or so), but today it (finally!) gave up. Stopped.

Like the brilliant engineer that I am (first class with distinction), I step in, then open it (the remote) up, inspect the PCB, that it is not working because of the rubber deposited all over the tracks, clean up the tracks, put it all back together, and... it works!!!

I now feel like the brilliant engineer with a first class with distinction that my degree certifies me to be!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Breaking News -

This is what I recently mailed my team in office :-)

Hi Everyone,

This is the customary good bye mail that everyone writes on quitting the organization! Yes, I am (finally!) quitting *****, to pursue a full time two year MBA!

From where – I still have to take a decision on that, but I thought I may as well enjoy a month or two at home doing absolutely nothing, and so have quit before I receive all the acceptance letters (Yes… I have one, and am expecting at least another 2/3 – no, I’m not being a boastful idiot! )

Because I’m more excited about the future, and not in a very reflective mood, I cannot (and will not) write a very long letter of how much I really enjoyed everything and learned a lot here. Well, I did, and from a lot of 2nd hand experiences, I must admit, mine at ***** been a very good experience. My last working day here will be the 25th of March!! And, it will be back to school for me, from June, and obviously, the ***** will no longer be active.

My personal email, in case you would like to update your address books – blah@.....

Hope to keep in touch…


I feel on top of the world. Unemployment rocks!!!

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